As always, while this roadmap was developed in good faith, it depicts our intentions at this particular moment in time. Our intentions are subject to change from time to time ūüôā .

Oct 2021 – Dec 2021

Long-term storage Fees.
Performance improvements
All reports available through API
Integration of COGS into SCM (COGS defined by shipments)
Cardless registration

Jul 2021 – Sep 2021

PRIVATE BETA Supply Chain Management (phase III – Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Warehouse Inventory, Order Tracker, Movements Log)

Mar 2021 – Jun 2021

PUBLIC BETA Supply Chain Management (phase I – Suggested replenishments with multiple velocities)
PUBLIC BETA Supply Chain Management (Phase II Р3PL Warehouses, Suppliers,  Lead Times)

Jul 2020 – Feb 2021

Postponed Total revamp notifications and addition of more notifications
Deployed Offer all implemented notifications as Zapier triggers.
Deployed Sales statistics, PL Report, Dashboards in unified currency for all accounts
PostponedAbility to define Custom Columns in tables
Deployed Expose API on oAuth Protocol.

Mar 2020 – Jun 2020

Deployed Common inventory across all EU marketplaces
Deployed Sponsored Display Adds
Deployed Ability to select user-defined book-keeping (local) currency and express all reports accordingly
Deployed Multi-Currency COGS and tighter integration with Inventory, especially for EU.
Deployed Asin-Based COGS (one COGS for all variations)
Deployed Introduction of webhooks.

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

Deployed Unified dashboard across currencies
Deployed Out of stock calendar. 

Jan 2019 – Oct 2019

Deployed  New User Interface: a complete overhaul of User Interface design with improved User Experience
Deployed Architecture changes in preparation to Foreign Exchange implementation
Deployed PPC Headline Ads.
Deployed Shipments, Warehouses and Inter-warehouse Shipments in 3PL warehouses.
Deployed Out of stock consideration in Reorder calculation.

Oct 2018 –¬†Dec 2018:

Deployed User-selectable method to calculate ROI (build your own formula!)
Deployed User-selectable method to show VAT in Profit and Loss (Calculated by Amazon or calculated by SellerLegend)
Deployed User-selectable method to show PPC costs in Profit and Loss (Amazon retrospectively-billed amount or daily calculated amount by SellerLegend)
Deployed Conditional formatting of any column in table screens based on the values of any other column
Deployed Bulk-upload of shipping Costs for FBM orders (upload by order number)
Deployed Considering Warehouse Inbounds in Reorder calculation.
Deployed Configurable contributors to available quantities (inbound/reserved/in transit)
Deployed New alert for suppressed listings
Deployed New alert for negative/neutral merchant feedback

Jul 2018 –¬†Sep 2018:

Deployed Seller Feedback Report
Deployed Inbound Non-compliance Report
Deployed Fancy Image Uploader for product thumbnails
DELAYED Date formats to respect user’s locale.
Deployed Configurable ROI formula.
DeployedTwo Factor Authentication
DeployedImproved taxes handling in PL report
Deployed Graphical view of Sessions and Performance data
Deployed Main Chart annotations
Deployed Custom Table Views
Deployed Add Australia Marketplace
DeployedAdd Japan Marketplace