Quite A Remarkable Lineup Of Superstar Amazon Luminaries …

An event not to be missed for sure:

The European Seller Conference in Prague, March 29 – 30th 2019.

Shame I will be 5,000 miles away on these dates. I have very fond memories of Prague too …

Here’s the Facebook link too.

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Aspirational Development Roadmap

As always, while this roadmap was developed in good faith, it depicts our intentions at this particular moment in time. Our intentions are subject to change from time to time ūüôā .

Oct 2021 – Dec 2021

Long-term storage Fees.
Performance improvements
All reports available through API
Integration of COGS into SCM (COGS defined by shipments)
Cardless registration

Jul 2021 – Sep 2021

PRIVATE BETA Supply Chain Management (phase III – Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Warehouse Inventory, Order Tracker, Movements Log)

Mar 2021 – Jun 2021

PUBLIC BETA Supply Chain Management (phase I – Suggested replenishments with multiple velocities)
PUBLIC BETA Supply Chain Management (Phase II Р3PL Warehouses, Suppliers,  Lead Times)

Jul 2020 – Feb 2021

Postponed Total revamp notifications and addition of more notifications
Deployed Offer all implemented notifications as Zapier triggers.
Deployed Sales statistics, PL Report, Dashboards in unified currency for all accounts
PostponedAbility to define Custom Columns in tables
Deployed Expose API on oAuth Protocol.

Mar 2020 – Jun 2020

Deployed Common inventory across all EU marketplaces
Deployed Sponsored Display Adds
Deployed Ability to select user-defined book-keeping (local) currency and express all reports accordingly
Deployed Multi-Currency COGS and tighter integration with Inventory, especially for EU.
Deployed Asin-Based COGS (one COGS for all variations)
Deployed Introduction of webhooks.

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

Deployed Unified dashboard across currencies
Deployed Out of stock calendar. 

Jan 2019 – Oct 2019

Deployed  New User Interface: a complete overhaul of User Interface design with improved User Experience
Deployed Architecture changes in preparation to Foreign Exchange implementation
Deployed PPC Headline Ads.
Deployed Shipments, Warehouses and Inter-warehouse Shipments in 3PL warehouses.
Deployed Out of stock consideration in Reorder calculation.

Oct 2018 –¬†Dec 2018:

Deployed User-selectable method to calculate ROI (build your own formula!)
Deployed User-selectable method to show VAT in Profit and Loss (Calculated by Amazon or calculated by SellerLegend)
Deployed User-selectable method to show PPC costs in Profit and Loss (Amazon retrospectively-billed amount or daily calculated amount by SellerLegend)
Deployed Conditional formatting of any column in table screens based on the values of any other column
Deployed Bulk-upload of shipping Costs for FBM orders (upload by order number)
Deployed Considering Warehouse Inbounds in Reorder calculation.
Deployed Configurable contributors to available quantities (inbound/reserved/in transit)
Deployed New alert for suppressed listings
Deployed New alert for negative/neutral merchant feedback

Jul 2018 –¬†Sep 2018:

Deployed Seller Feedback Report
Deployed Inbound Non-compliance Report
Deployed Fancy Image Uploader for product thumbnails
DELAYED Date formats to respect user’s locale.
Deployed Configurable ROI formula.
DeployedTwo Factor Authentication
DeployedImproved taxes handling in PL report
Deployed Graphical view of Sessions and Performance data
Deployed Main Chart annotations
Deployed Custom Table Views
Deployed Add Australia Marketplace
DeployedAdd Japan Marketplace





I Thought IKnew A Great Deal About GDPR …

Unbeknownst to me, my friend Paul O’Mahony ran a GDPR webinar this past Sunday, and I just got my hands on the recording.

The recording link below is not an affiliate link. It points to a BASIC explanation of what GDPR entails, with two case studies of the impact of GDPR on companies like yours.

I am not suggesting that you buy Paul’s training. I have not seen the training content nor can I vouch for the quality or completeness of it – although I can vouch for Paul’s honesty and integrity.

What I AM suggesting, though, is that you watch the video up to its 01:05:00 mark (after that, the sales pitch for the training begins).

Again, I remind you that GDPR is applicable to ANY company, no matter how small, that trades anywhere within the EU to EU nationals Yes, that means you, even if you are based in the US, Canada, Israel, China … and of course, if you live in the EU.

So, even after spending the last 3-4 months deeply embroiled in the GDPR compliance implementation for SL, after watching this video, I STILL managed to learn a few more things that I did not know:

– There is a MANDATORY requirement to register with the UK Information Commission office (or the equivalent in any EU member state). If you register before May 25, you pay the standard registration fee which is a flat ¬£35/year. After the 25th, the registration fee will be based on the size/type of business and the fee can run into the 1,000’s of GBP

– Wait for this one … You have an obligation to vet your affiliates and make sure they are GDPR compliant!! For us, that means we will simply be shutting down our affiliate program. It is simply too risky/onerous to have affiliate deals as there is no way we can ascertain their level of compliance.

– And the next one is a pain in the neck, but luckily, we at SL are close to having this one nailed: You have an obligation to vet that your VAs are equally GDPR compliant.

And there are a few I’ll throw in for good measure, which isn’t discussed in the video below, but it’s just worth alerting you to it:

– If you are trading in the EU and are not located in the EU, you have an obligation to hire a data privacy representative to handle your interactions with the regulators

– If you have a significant volume of EU buyers, you may need to appoint a Data Protection Officer to keep you compliant. Because that person needs to be independent, The DPO cannot be you as the owner of the company. In our case at SL, that means we need to hire someone to perform that task.

Here is the video link.


The recording will expire in a bit more than a couple of days. Up until the 01:05:00, it is a public information service free of sales pitches.

Michel Gimena


Must Read: Do Not Ignore If You Sell In The EU

Sorry for the dramatic title. The following announcement is not only for SellerLegend’s GDPR compliance. it is as much for YOUR GDPR compliance.

Before you read what follows, please do not get irate with us and do not shoot the messenger. The regulations are what they are. We will not be drawn into defending or criticizing the regulations, there is simply not enough time left to lament. And the fines too gargantuan to ignore.

GDPR is a new legal requirement applicable to ALL businesses trading in the EU and handling personal data (we all do), no matter where you are located in the world. If you sell on Amazon in the EU, you are subjected to GDPR. There are no exceptions.

GDPR is a hefty piece of legislation, which requires you to produce at a minimum 13 different documents to explain and demonstrate how you manage your business in terms of data security. And data means every scrap of paper/handwritten lists/spreadsheets/pdfs/documents/system you use in your business to handle your buyers’ data.

An important part of GDPR is for you to have the adequate business processes to control the data you have entrusted to 3rd parties. That includes SellerLegend, as well as any other tool/system/company/assistance you use. For example, it applies to your VA’s as well.

During our own compliance review which has been ongoing for the past two months, we have identified we need to create 26 (out of about a potential 42) different documents to fully comply.

But documenting, while time-consuming and costly, is not the major task. Once documented, you need to implement and comply with what you have specified in the documents. And that is the true killer.

I cannot stress enough that *you* as an Amazon seller MUST comply with GDPR. It has nothing to do with SellerLegend. It has to do with your OWN business.

I am attaching a draft of our first public document, which is called the Data Processing Agreement. This is in addition and distinct to the TOS, Privacy policy, cookies policy etc. It is a binding, legal contract specifically between you and SellerLegend, which you will need to physically sign. It explains what our obligations are to:

1. Protect your data
2. Assist *you* in complying with GDPR
3. Allow *you* to communicate with the regulator when there is a security breach. (Yes, you are responsible for the regulatory communication if any of your processors is breached)

And oh, BTW, if you use multiple seller tools which handle personal data (most do), you need to sign one of those with EACH ONE of the tool providers. And if you use 3rd party processors (Mailchimp, Zendesk, Slack, Trello et al), you need one of those too.

Below is our first draft of the DPA, which we hope to implement on May 1st, about 25 days before the GDPR deadline. Please read it, it will reveal some of the obligations you must satisfy – although this will only reveal the top of the tip of the iceberg.

RIP Daily Email Attachment

We regret that we have had to remove the daily email attachment.

During the data security risk assessment, which we are required to conduct to comply with the new EU Data Protection Regulations, we evaluated the delivery of the spreadsheet via email as too much of a security risk.

Because email is not a secure delivery method, there is a possibility that the spreadsheet could become infected with a virus in transit, after it has left the SL servers and before it reaches your computer.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

PPC Revamp: Request for Assistance

We have been neglecting our PPC functionality and we have fallen behind our competitors. Additionally, with 1.8 Billion (with a capital B) search terms in our database, performance on the search terms performance/keyword performance widgets is not great.

So, we have vowed to take action and get back in the saddle again.

We will start by restructuring the PPC database and assigning it to a dedicated server, rather than sharing the main servers. We aim to have this done by the end of this month and it should be relatively transparent to you.

The next bit is where we’d like to enrol your assistance: We’d like to work with you if you are an expert in PPC and are willing to share your ideas as to how to improve or transform our current PPC functionality. This will include implementing AMS functionality and automating the bidding and keyword management process. As we now have a budding AI specialist in our development team, we will investigate opportunities to use these new technologies.

If you wish to help, you should be

– Very well versed in PPC management
– Not a white labeller of ours (or, if you are, accept that if we develop according to your specifications, this will be available to all SL users and not exclusive to your white label account)
– Able to participate in regular conference calls to discuss/review design, specification and user interface
– Able to devote time to beta test the developments.

We aim to start sometime in early March and anticipate this will be 6 to 8 weeks of work.

Please let us know whether you’d want to participate.

Subscribe And Save Google Sheets Prototype

If you do Subscribe and Save, it is quite tedious to determine whether the scheme is profitable and whether it does generate repeat sales from a presumed ‘captive audience’ of buyers.

We have no immediate intention of providing S&S functionality in SL, there doesn’t seem to be that much demand for it. But just in case this would change, we have built a prototype to see what S&S KPI’s could be extracted from the data we already hold.

So here is an allegedly working Google sheet that operates off a filtered SL Orders download.

Please make sure you COPY THE SHEET FIRST and follow the instructions in the README FIRST tab.

The sheet shows you a monthly breakdown of S&S sales by ASIN, providing Units, Orders, Revenue, Profit, number of cancellations, cancellation rate per month and overall cancellation rate, as well as +/- monthly units variance.

It also shows per ASIN which customers have ordered regularly every month and provides a view of the reordering pattern by month by customer.

You can find the sheet here:


Coming Soon (Still Expected This Month)

РSales Heatmap (really nice )
– Monthly Storage Fees (really useful)
– Disposal Orders (if that is your cup of tea …)

And sometime later

– Inbound Shipments (that will allow us to start improving the inventory features)